Mary Rose Mallia Will Be Performing At Malta's Gay 'Festa' And We're Not Ready

Blue Summer Yaaaaaas

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As part of an epic, three-day LGBT+ festival held right here in Malta, the team behind the monthly gay party Lollipop has announced the Maltese icon as one of their star performers on the night.

Mary Rose Mallia, a legend if there ever was one, will take to the stage at Tigullio to entertain the crowds on July 21st. Lollipop's party will also feature international acts Dom Top and Jodie Harsh.

The whole festival will run from the 21st to the 23rd of July, and will see three main events organised across the weekend. The first is Lollipop's pop princess bash at Tigullio, the second day is S2S EventsPride at Gianpula and the closing party will be Beatbears' Navigayt, taking the dance floor out to sea.

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We cannot wait for the festival, but while we do here are a few favourites from Mary Rose Mallia we're so ready to hear being belted out on stage. Of course, Festa is a necessity given the name of the event, but we also need some 1980s goodness with a live performance of Blue Summer Lies.

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