WATCH: This Performance By Three Maltese Singing Sensations Is Almost Too Much To Handle

Malta finally got its own 'Divas Live'

We didn't realise how badly we needed this collaboration until we saw this video. Three of Malta's most-loved voices joined forces on stage to sing a medley of Maltese songs for Kelma Kelma's Għall-Kbar Biss last August.

Mary Rose Mallia, Chiara Siracusa and Destiny Chukunyere slayed the audience and viewers at at home with their covers of everything from Mary Rose's classic 'Il-Festa' to a Maltese version of Chiara's iconic 'The One That I Love'.

Mary Rose

The group also sang a few fan favourites like Xemx, and Mur Ħallini, but the real kicker was an emotional cover of the most unlikely of choices; Fabrizio Faniello's 'Sa L-Aħħar Nifs'.

Our office hasn't stopped looping this performance since we first saw it, and although we can't seem to agree on a favourite part, Destiny's casual throwaway of a flawless note at 2:01, Mary Rose Mallia's energetic clapping and contagious charisma and Chiara's sassy expressions paired with the ease with which she sings every song are some stellar highlights.

Destiny 2

This year's Kelma Kelma Nota Nota 'Jekk Ittuna n-Number 1" will run from July 25th right up till August 7th. You can get your tickets to the show here.

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