New Cannabis Movement In Malta Will Host A Whole Day Of Activities This Saturday

They've planned something for everyone

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For a lot of Maltese people, living in a country where smoking a joint is still illegal is just not acceptable anymore. Because of this, a group of people have come together to demand a massive overhaul of the cannabis laws we have in Malta.

ReLeaf Malta will be hosting a whole day of cannabis-related events this Saturday, bringing the call for cannabis legalisation to the streets - and the stage - once again. The days events will be split into three parts.

1. The Press Conference

The day will start off with a press conference outside of Parliament at 10:30am, where ReLeaf will be releasing their 20-page manifesto outlining their framework for cannabis legalisation in Malta. Show up to be part of the change, or just so you can wave at your mom on the evening news.

If you want an idea of what's in the manifesto, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

2. The Info-Session

Dr. Andrew Agius from the Pain Clinic has been a vocal supporter of legalising cannabis in Malta due to his specialisation in pain. He has come into contact with many Maltese patients who are in dire need of a medicine that he is currently not being allowed to prescribe, and he has said time and time again that the situation is unacceptable.

At 6:30pm Dr. Agius will be hosting an informal session about the endocannabinoid system, as well as explaining how the ReLeaf manifesto would be good for Maltese patients in society. This will be held at Funky Monkey, on Manoel Island in Gzira, before leading into the final bash.

3. The Party

The team behind the event went all out with this one. With a stacked line-up including 11 different performers, the ReLeaf launch party by itself is enough reason to celebrate, legalisation or not.

Starting at 9pm and ending at 4am, this party will bring together DJs, rappers, and even singers from abroad to celebrate the ganja and it's hopeful legalisation. 

And as if the line up itself isn't enough, bringing together some of the hottest acts in the Maltese underground, but there's even a couple of special guest appearances that you will not want to miss out... let's just say you'll definitely recognise their rhymes. 

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Some of the acts on the night include SupreDebris, 215 CollectiveDepth[email protected] + Kidd the Joker, Mig (Bass Culture), JohshantyChris Radium.

But what do they want, anyway?

The ReLeaf manifesto calls for the implementation of a number of things, including the following:

  • Legal to consume cannabis if you are over the age of 21.
  • Access to medical marijuana with a prescription.
  • Grow up to six plants in a private space.
  • Legal to carry up to thirty grams of cannabis
  • Assurance of a safe and quality-tested product.
  • Licenses to industrially grow or sell cannabis.
  • Purchase up to five grams of cannabis from a licensed establishment.
  • Create local cannabis social clubs.
  • Access to oils, edibles, or alternative forms of cannabis

Once upon a time, the above might have seemed impossible. It's not going to be easy, but with enough will and determination, change in Malta can happen.

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Do you agree with ReLeaf? Should Malta legalise cannabis? Let us know in the comments below.

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