One Of Sliema's Most Popular Seaside Hangouts Is The Latest To Get Environmental

It joins a number of pioneering establishments


More and more companies around Malta are realising the impact they might be having on the environment and are coming up with ways to lessen their carbon footprint.

One of Sliema's most popular hangouts, Paradise Exiles, has just announced its own way of pitching in to make Malta clean again.

"It will be Earth Summer at Paradise Exiles this year. Rather than plastics on the beach, we're using paper cups, paper straws, and wood coffee stirrers," said the restaurant's team in a public post.

Mentioning that 260,000 truckloads of plastic are thrown in the sea each year, they also listed the changes they'll be making to the restaurant, namely replacing plastic utensils with paper and wood products. 

And people were loving it already

They will be joining other local companies and establishments like Talbot & Bons and the Corinthia Palace Hotel that have already rolled out their own anti-plastic initiatives. 

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