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Thrift Pop-Up Malta Is Back With A New Charity For Its Proceeds: The Association For Abandoned Animals

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Fran Falzon, the co-founder of Thrift Pop-Up Malta and frequent cat fosterer, has chosen to donate the proceeds of her next store to the Association of Abandoned Animals – keeping in theme with her animal-loving lifestyle.

However, the true aim behind this thrift shop is to be part of the battle against fast fashion.

“We wanted to be able to gather a community of clothing lovers and make them realise the beauty of shopping second hand and not support fast fashion retail,” Falzon told Lovin Malta, while explaining the background to the business she shares with Fran Valletta.

Falzon has always been a believer in second-hand or rather, pre-loved, clothing so this idea for the thrift pop-up was one of her many attempts at selling her clothes.

“Well, really, I always tried to sell my clothes on platforms such as depop or Instagram – but it never really worked out. So when I met my now best friend Fran Valletta we came up with the idea of hosting a thrift pop up,” she said.

And since then, the pair have hosted two thrift pop-ups (over the span of a weekend) that together, raised €2,650 for CLAWS cat shelter.

“It was a crazy amount to us and we were super proud of ourselves,” she fondly recounted.

Meanwhile, the fate of the charity of the upcoming thrift pop-up was left in the hands of the followers of the business’ Instagram page.

“We initially posted a ‘question’ tag on our Instagram stories asking our followers which charity they would like us to give the proceeds to and we went with the one that wasn’t only mentioned multiple times, but at this point in time, we believe could use the extra donations the most considering they are taking in the dogs and puppies from the Mill Raids. Hence why we chose AAA Malta this time round, ” Falzon explained.

“We wish we could split it up and give to each charity but we have no intention of stopping any time soon and we will be choosing other charities for the upcoming ones.”

It’s also worthy to note how active this young woman is when it comes to using her platform for good.

Besides contributing to the fight against fast-fashion and trying to help abandoned animals as much as she possibly can, Falzon is also a huge advocate when it comes to the enforcement of the no smoking indoors law.

Earlier this month, she posted a Facebook status pleading organisers, party-goers and authorities to abide and enforce the no-smoking inside rule, a law that means a lot to her as a sufferer from Cystic Fibrosis.

“A plea to party organisers (from a sick 21 year old), please enforce the ‘no smoking inside’ rule at your events. It’s not hard to control. Make it a thing when you begin marketing and sharing the event that smoking inside is not allowed,” Falzon said.

“I’m not sure about you, but I definitely hate going back home from an indoor event oozing the smell of cigarettes. Let’s add to that. Followed by a 7-hour-long coughing tantrum leading to coughing up buckets of blood,” she soberly continued.

As you could probably tell, the young activist has no intent to slow down, let alone stop her positive contributions to society and the environment.

So be sure to help out and do your bit by checking out the thrift pop-up store taking place on the 8th and 9th January 2022 at KSU.

You can even donate some personal items that you may want to sell – if so reach out to either of the Fran’s or to the pop-up’s Instagram page.

Will you be heading over to KSU to check out the thrift pop-up?

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