6 Maltese Female Photographers Whose Works Are Seriously Stunning

Photography junkies – prepare to overdose

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Photos: (left to right) Emma Tranter, Stephanie Galea, Joanna Demarco

In an age where moments are captured and reproduced on a momentary basis, you'd think it would become harder to pick out the photographic story-tellers who are truly talented. 

But it's not. These artful, varied, and captivating Maltese female photographers are proof of that. Here's what we think is awesome about their work. 

1. Joanna Demarco

We love Demarco's photojournalistic works almost as much as we do her photoessays. She has a remarkable talent for capturing the uniqueness of the Maltese spirit. We can't wait to see what her next project might be!

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Photo: Joanna Demarco / 'Willa' photo essay

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Photo: Joanna Demarco / Event coverage

2. Stephanie Galea

Galea's bold fashion photography has featured in top international publications like Elle UK, Dansk, NYLON. She's worked with some of the world's most famous designers, and basically she's overflowing with talent. Her colours are genius. 

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Photo: Stephanie Galea / Editorial work

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Photo: Stephanie Galea / Editorial work

3. Francesca Stivala

Stivala is a commercial photographer with a strong focus on wedding photography, but she's got a special knack for capturing those quiet, unsung moments that form part of wedding days. Her individual shots always tell a story of their own. 

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Photo: Francesca Stivala / Weddings

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Photo: Francesca Stivala / Weddings

4. Alexandra Pace

Curator and general brains behind one of Malta's most exciting exhibition spaces, Blitz, Pace certainly has a lot to be praised for. But just focusing on her socio-critical photography is enough to make you understand why she's one of Malta's most important artists. 

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Photo: Alexandra Pace / Saint Eloy Race

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Photo: Alexandra Pace / Time To Kiss The World Goodbye

5. Emma Tranter

Tranter participated in her first collective exhibition when she was just 16 and she's been producing vibrant, energetic work ever since. Her travel photos are full of great colours, and her coverage of Malta's events make you want to ditch your plans and go to whatever party she's at. 

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Photo: Emma Tranter / Event coverage

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Photo: Emma Tranter / Travel photography

6. Therese Debono

Debono is self-admittedly "most comfortable" when shooting "the mundane yet extraordinary life of humans". And we can't really argue with that. We would add that her handling of texture and colour is also a super strong point!

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Photo: Therese Debono / Marsa Power Station series

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Photo: Therese Debono / Armier series

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