6 More Awesome Paintings Of Malta You'll Want Hanging In Your Home

Time to make some space on your wall

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Many people love Malta for her stunning beauty, and picture-perfect panoramas - after all our seas are the most instagrammable out there. But if a picture is worth 1,000 words then these paintings must be worth millions.

Following our last collection of 9 awesome paintings you're going to want hanging in your home, here are another 6 to add to that list.

1. Minn Fuq Ta' Liesse

Artist: Andrew Micallef

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Image: Andrew Micallef / Facebook

2. Valletta Grand Harbour No. 4

Artist: Micko-vic


Image: Micko-vic / Deviantart

3. Windy Day

Artist: Tony Bugeja


Image: Tony Bugeja / Deviantart

4. Memory of Malta

Artists: Federico Cortese

Memory Of Malta

Image: Federico Cortese / Deviantart

5. Valletta in BW

Artist: Evilpainter


Image: Evilpainter / Deviantart

6. Urban Landscape No.5

Artist: C.S.Lawrence Art

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Do you know of any other amazing artists painting Malta? Tell us about them in the comments on Facebook!

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