8 Gorgeous Shots Of The Shipwreck At San Pawl That Prove Sometimes, There's Beauty In Tragedy


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Images: @tt_kliks (left) and @jpf.ph (right)

This weekend's stormy weather may have had some of the worst consequences we've seen in a while, but it also brought about one of the island's biggest coincidences. On the day we celebrate St. Paul's Shipwreck, an actual ship got wrecked in Malta.

This incident may be costly for the company who owns the ship, but in the true spirit of making the best out of a bad situation, a lot of local photographers have flooded the scene to capture the start contrast between the sea and the wreck. 

Here are some of our favourite shots. 

1. The early morning sunrise

2. The dramatic undershot

3. A different angle

4. A big splash

5. In the dead of night 

6. Black and white drama

7. Clear skies made more dramatic

8. From a distance

Bonus: Talk about spotting a promo opportunity 

Even though some may see it as a little insensitive, they clearly have an eye for seeing a good photo op and taking advantage of the situation.

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