Maltese Artists Are Being Offered A Free Residency In Athens This October

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Calling all aspiring Maltese visuals artists; this is your chance to get a free residency in Greece's capital this October! Blitz, a contemporary art space in Valletta, teamed up with Athens'' Snehta Residency (an organisation with a very similar set of principles on the other side of the Mediterranean) and announced an open call for applications to send one artist abroad as part of their 2017 Residency Programme. 

And while Blitz's Residency Programme previously involved inviting artists to live and work in the Valletta building for a month, they're now reversing the process and sending one lucky local artist to the artist-run residency in Athens. What can we say; the place looks like artist heaven.

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In the fall of 2017, Snehta (which originally began as a creative and research platform for Scottish-based artists in Athens) will be opening its doors to eight international artists, and Blitz has managed to secure one of these spots. 

"Each chosen artist will have access to an Athens-based curator to work with throughout their stay in support of their research and the realisation of an exhibition," Blitz explained. "The curator will be in discussion with the artists prior to and during their visit to Athens about their work and intentions, thus aiming to knit a tight collaboration between the artists, themselves and the local scene."

If you're an interested artist who is not very familiar with the Greek capital and are worried your work might not resonate well with the art crowd there, you definitely don't have to worry. Snetha literally stands for Athens written in reverse, and the organisation wants to reflect that in the work they exhibit. "Resident artists are to rediscover Athens (and Greece) by translating, reading it reversely or alternatively," Snetha explained. "We want artists to use the local dynamics and characteristics of the Athenian environment, while at the same time bringing along their own inherent interests and inclinations."

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More information on Snehta can be found here, while guidelines and a copy of the application form for this residency opportunity can be found here. The deadline for applications has just been extended to the 15th of July, and any enquiries can be sent to Nicole Bearman on [email protected]

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