WATCH: New Film Commissioner Proposes Master Plan For Malta Film Studios Alongside Increase In Funding

Johann Grech is Malta's new Film Commissioner

Malta's new Film Commissioner Johann Grech has set out an ambitious agenda for growing the indigenous film industry that will include a master plan for the Malta Film Studios found in Rinella as well as an increase in film funding from next year.

"I am determined to ensure that we do even better in the years ahead by bringing new types of film-making to our beautiful islands," he said as he begins his new role.

As Film Commissioner, he will be focused on bringing new productions to the Maltese Islands from beyond the traditional Hollywood studios. He will also be responsible for running the organisation which supports the local Maltese film industry and helps to attract foreign productions to Malta.

Johann Grech At The Malta Film Studios

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Mr. Grech explained how the Malta Film Commission will be actively promoting Malta’s world-class creative industries to emerging film industries such as India and China, as well among various digital platforms.

"The thing I'm looking forward to the most is being able to bang the drum for Malta's film industry around the world, to boost our creative industries at home," he said. "“My message to the global film industry is a simple one: Malta is a great film set in itself. Our islands offer a world of opportunity. And we can make it happen for your story.”

He also highlighted how Malta's human resources and skilled labourers are one of the island's main draws.

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"I'm proud of our people and their production skills and I want to make sure Malta's film industry continues to go from strength to strength. I pledge to actively promote Malta's world-class creative industries to emerging film industries, as well among various digital platforms."

As for the Malta Film Studios, Mr. Grech said he was working on a master plan for the famous studio space. 

"Malta has doubled as every corner of the globe. Our islands offer a world of opportunity. I will be working on a Master Plan for the Malta Film Studios," he said. 

He also confirmed that a renovation of the Malta Film Studios is in the pipeline. 

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Over 50 productions were brought to Malta in the past four years under the leadership of his predecessor Engelbert Grech, and Mr. Johann Grech is confident that he will be able to continue to build on this great work.

He hinted at some new international films that may be on the way for Malta. "The Malta Film Commission is in advanced discussion with a good number of production houses," he said. 

There will also be an increase in funding for Maltese films starting from next year: "as presented in the new budget measures, the Malta Film Fund will see an increase in 2018."

“We don't just offer attractive financing incentives but we are hands-on, giving all the support filmmakers need, and Malta is a great place to call home during the months of production - this is thanks to the quality of our creative industries, our culture, and our climate for filmmaking," he said. "I am determined to ensure that we do even better in the years ahead by bringing new types of film-making to our beautiful islands.”

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