Photographer Captures The Very Essence Of Malta For International Magazine Shoot

Honestly, this screams island life

Stephanie Galea

International appreciation is a common occurrence for Maltese photographer Stephanie Galea, but her latest work to be included in an international publication features the very essence of day-to-day Maltese life we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of.

'Maltese Meditations' for TANK Magazine is a non-stop evoker of emotions.

Styled by Sally Anne Bolton with model Mariia Zubstova's hair and makeup done by Jean Zammit, the photos feature everything from typical Maltese doors, stone and tiles to the less-classicly-beautful washing lines we see drawn across most Maltese roofs.

Having worked with everyone from Vogue to Dior, Stephanie's work focuses heavily on clever composition and playing with different lighting.

Based in London and the UAE, the young photographer's work is also influenced by her time in Malta, with a love for settings and emotions that remind her of home.

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Chucky Bartolo

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