This Local Maltese Artist Is Blending Old Techniques With New Designs

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Yella Vassallo is a Maltese artist who has been making a steady rise on Instagram. Her account, yella_black, is full of paintings, drawing and artistic portraits of television characters, and she's a tattoo artist to boot.

Specialising in neo traditional artwork, Yella is sketching her way through life and showcasing for the world to see. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Here’s a half-wolf half-mandala design

2. Here’s another mandala featuring a sunflower and bright colours

3. Lady Galaxy looking fresh AF

4. A tattoo design featuring some linework skills

5. A black and white mandala

6. A cool bull's skull design with flowers

7. A red-headed mermaid chilling in a shell

8. Uncle Fester being his usual weird and loveable self

9. A nice looking galaxy hourglass

10. A skeletal bat looking exceptionally cute

11. Poseidon being his usual fabulous self

12. A modern take on Malta's favourite gallarija

13. A nautical design for those who love to travel

14. An interesting take on a butterfly head

What do you think of Yella's artwork?

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Written By

Chiara Micallef