This Mesmerising Maltese Thriller Is Heading To Cannes Film Festival

'The Boat' is ready to rise to the top


The final touches are being done to a new Maltese film set to makes waves internationally. The Boat is the working title of the latest thriller from the mind of former Malta Film Commissioner and one of Malta's top producers Winston Azzopardi.

The atmospheric film, which was shot in just 22 days and has elements of both the horror and thriller genre, has already piqued the interest of UK agency Carnaby International who have snapped it up. 

The filmmakers have spent the last month in London finishing up post-production. They will now be heading to the famous Cannes Film Festival to screen the film privately as they look to find distributors for an international release.

"I’m very confident it's going to do well," said Winston to Lovin Malta. "It's quite an unusual story, and I don't think there's been a Maltese film quite like it ever before."

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Filmed in the open sea and the world famous tanks at Rinella, the film was shot in 22 days, and features Winston's son Joe Azzopardi as the protagonist.

"Considering we didn't have an A-Lister and seeing what we've achieved so far, I think we've already done well," said Winston. 

Now all eyes turn to Cannes Festival next week, where the filmmakers will get a real indication of how the film will perform internationally. 

"Cannes is a marketplace; besides what you see on TV, the red carpet and the stars, it's basically a market where people buy films," he said.

Following Cannes, the film is set to debut at the Toronto Film Festival where crowds will be able to see The Boat in full for the first time. 

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Behind the scenes

Tim Grohne, President, international and production at Carnaby International, was excited at having the Maltese film in the company's 2018 repertoire. 

“We are delighted to be able to include such a diverse range of European and International genre films on our slate this year, working with both emerging and established talent alike," he said.

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Though it's too early to say, Winston is expecting a Maltese release date somewhere around October or November, so keep your eyes peeled for the biggest Maltese film to be released in 2018.

Adventure thriller The Boat stars Joe Azzopardi as a lone fisherman who boards an abandoned sailboat. Discovering no signs of life, he emerges back on deck to find his own boat has disappeared.

Winston and Joe Azzopardi

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