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BREAKING: Lovin Malta To Launch Island’s First Ever Cannabis Social Club

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Cannabis users in Malta will soon be able to enjoy locally-grown strains in the comfort of a private social club, as the island plans to relax its weed laws. 

Lovin Malta plans to launch The Planting Authority, the island’s first ever cannabis social club, which will allow users to buy and consume the plant in a safe environment.

The Planting Authority is designed on a model which has increased in popularity over the years, particularly in Barcelona, which has over 200 cannabis social clubs.

Prime Minister Robert Abela recently launched a White Paper to regulate the responsible use of cannabis in Malta, allow people to grow up to four cannabis plants for personal use, and permit the legal sale of the plant.

However, since most people do not have the expertise to grow cannabis, The Planting Authority will simplify the process by growing weed on behalf of its members.

People will be able to choose from a menu of high-grade local sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis, all cultivated with care under the Mediterranean sunshine.

Members will be able to take the cannabis home with them or they can consume it in the clubs special common area, obviously subject to any COVID-19 regulations.

And if you decide to remain in the common area, you’ll be in for a treat. 

The Planting Authority is going all out with a perfectly-curated munchies menu, designed by smokers for smokers, in collaboration with Bentley’s Latinos, a new branch of the popular Valletta Waterfront restaurant that is opening in Paceville.

Sample these cannabis-infused Ganja Chicken Tenders

A beautiful scallion and cannabis butter is infused into Bentley’s delicious chicken tenders and served with a chilli mayo sweetened with honey fortified with CBD oil. Perfect for sharing or wolfing down all on your own.

If you have more space in your belly, try out their Rasta Mojito Pork Ribs

Mint isn’t the only herb used to create these local favourites, with a delectable pairing of Ramla l-Ħadra extract perfectly complementing the tender pork goodness. Sweet and tart with a subtle savouriness.

Last but not certainly not least… Oreo Serious?

Bentley’s most popular dessert is here with a twist. It’s the munchie that will give you the munchies – an over-the-top cannabis-infused brownie served in a donut absolutely covered with your favourite chocolates and treats.

Baked using local cannabis flakes, once the ‘bronut’ is ready it is given a special outer glaze of butter, sugar and CBD-infused honey and served with a very special chocolate brownie.

If you’re looking for something a bit healthy, the Planting Authority has you covered!

Mosta’s renowned heath food store Fuel & Co will also be on-site, keeping you healthy as well as hydrated as you sit down and enjoy our wares.

You can get all of your daily vitamins and minerals in one fell swoop with their new CBD Fuel juice. Filled with CBD oil, whey protein, banana, baby spinach, ginger and hemp seeds, along with a dose of peanut butter, the drink is guaranteed to have you calling for second helpings.

Alternatively, you can satisfy your chocolate cravings with Fuel & Co’s CBD Mint juice, a drink containing CBD oil, banana, almond milk, peppermint essential oil, dark vegan chocolate, and baby spinach.

Their tried-and-tested fruity and nutty juices, from the Classic Max and Nutty Fuel to the Classic Lean and Red Summer, will also be available.

Mom & Pops, probably Malta’s leading and best-stocked headshop and the official national distributor for RAW products, has pitched in to help the Planting Authority too.

From rolling papers and bongs to nifty electronic jars to keep your buds inside, the Paceville-based store will keep you sorted with all the cannabis gear and apparel you’ll need.

CBD products will also be available!

Renowned CBD providers CBD Box have also agreed to form part of the Planting Authority.

They’ll be providing a wide range of CBD products, from ointments to oils as a wellness treatment for humans and pets alike. All their products can be seen on their online store and are available for delivery.

Ultimately, the Planting Authority will foster a community spirit to ensure that anybody who is using excessively or experiencing any negative side effects, will be able to find support.

The club, whose location will be secret except to members, is expected to be open by the end of the year, in line with the relaxing of regulations. 

The beautiful interior was designed by Openworkstudio, who combined key elements of the global culture with iconic Maltese factors to create a safe and open space for everyone to enjoy.

This has been a stressful year for everyone and were pleased that well be able to offer cannabis users a chance to unwind in a safe environment,” Lovin Malta CEO Christian Peregin said. Lovin Malta has always been at the forefront in promoting rights for cannabis users, and setting up The Planting Authority was a natural next step.”

Membership into The Planting Authority will initially be limited to just 100 people on a first-come, first-served basis. People who would like to become members just need to visit this website www.theplantingauthority.com and fill out the form.

Aspiring members can already buy merch from The Planting Authority and the funds will used to help complete the refurbishing of the current locations. The merch was designed by our friends at Souvenirs That Don’t Suck, and includes a great range of t-shirts, coasters and stickers. Other merchandise is coming soon.

The Planting Authority’s food menu has been carefully curated by Bentley’s in Valletta.

Here are some the local strains which will be available: 

Ħamrun Haze

Ġnejna Power

TaFrenċ (Ta’ L’Għarb)


Ħigh Ride


Ramla l-Ħadra

Weed il-Għajn

Daniel Ħolma

Membership plans start at €24.99 a month and €199 a year and come with the following benefits:

Affordable, quality-tested high-grade cannabis from professional producers, limited to a stipulated amount per month.

A hidden location to enjoy your cannabis safely and freely in.

A new, closed social circle that can provide support and feedback.

A legal expert to provide free advice up to three times a month.
Access to a beautiful, non-judgemental location.

Do you want to be a member? Sign up now: www.theplantingauthority.com 

Tag a friend who would love to try out our Ramla l-Ħadra!

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