23 Times Sarah Zerafa's Instagram Was Totally Ridiculous But Also Relatable AF

We're all just having a picnic at the beach really

Sosa Cover

Pizza on the go, elaborate set-ups and loads of newspapers; Malta's top influencer Sarah Zerafa sure knows how to make a lasting impression with an Instagram post.

With a whopping 166,000-strong following that's literally growing as we write this, Sosa's insta-game definitely keeps us all guessing what on earth she's going to pull next.

But as outrageous as they are, her photos are actually pretty relatable. Don't believe me? Here are 23 rock-solid examples.

1. When you just really love apples

And you need everyone to know.


2. When you plan the perfect beach picnic

But no one shows up.

Beahc Picnic

3. When you don't feel like getting out of the covers... so you wear them

It's just so cozy inside my bed, I couldn't part with it!

Bed Sheet

4. When you forget to bring a jacket

We spot some tell-tale signs.

Cold No Jacket

5. When you remember to look both ways before crossing the road

Good girl Sosa.

Crossing Road

6. When you arrive at an event slightly over-dressed

But you #werk it anyway.

Fancy Cinema

7. When you're feeling really hot

So you stick your face inside the freezer for a few seconds. #MalteseSummer


8. When you're in a rush so you do your makeup in the car

Beauty on a budget, and in the back seat.

Makeup In Car

9. When you're literally the only person worth talking about

You are the news, and the news is you.


10. When you don't finish your dinner so you take leftovers out with you

Nothing like nanna's spaghetti in the middle of a weekday ħarġa.


11. When you find some perfume in the bushes

And you've just come out of the shower. That's why you're naked.

Perfume In The Bushes

12. When you can't find the right light to read in

And you toss and turn until you find the perfect angle.


13. When you forgot about your assignment and do it last minute before class

Gotta get those APA/Harvard citations just right.


14. When your phone is dead but you really need to make a call

It's urgent, ok?

Shoe Phone

15. When you don't have any friends so you make your own

This one has more personality than the last one anyway.


16. When you get a cramp so you stop to stretch

Get those hamstrings nice and nimble.


17. When the tea is PIPING

And you'll stop at nothing to sip it.


18. When a boy thinks he broke your heart and you pretend to be sad

Oh. Boo-hoo. My heart.


19. When you want to make yourself look really tall in a photo

So you pull out all the stops. And the high-waisted flare jeans.

Too Tall

20. When you're both prepared and not prepared for the cold weather

You're not wet with rain water but you might be w- never mind.


21. When you get a really bad wedgie

But you can't find the right time to un-wedgie yourself.


22. When you get everything you wanted for Christmas

And you post a photo to Facebook so that everyone knows how lucky you are.

Xmas Gifts

23. When you forget to wear a top so you use your bag instead

Fashionable, functional and pretty funky too.

No Top So Bag

Tag someone who's IG game is almost as strong as Sosa's!

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