OMG: Maltese Influencer Sarah Zerafa Has Hit 100k Followers On Instagram

She's more than just Malta's favourite meme

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The world of social media influencers here in Malta has been growing rapidly, with influencers popping up all over the place.

But one of Malta's most popular influencers has just reached a mega milestone. Sarah Zerafa reached 100k followers on Instagram last week! And in the six days that have passed, she's gone up by over 6,000 followers already.

That's literally one thousand new followers everyday.

The local model-turned-influencer is loved for her eccentric style and quirky personality, and she's even been featured on a massive American fashion account before, that has over eight million followers. Goals.

Sarah shot to fame after her 40kg Labrador Choco accidentally bit her face, leaving the model scarred and in need of reconstructive surgery.

No stranger to scrutiny and attention, becoming the subject of perhaps Malta's most popular meme (you know the one... huunngryy and fancying take away?) Sarah has definitely found a good way of overcoming it all.

She had also attracted the ire of Malta's favourite momager, Carina Camilleri, who had doubts about the young model's ability. But now, some of her posts reach a crazy amount of likes, averaging at around 6,000 likes per post. And then there's this post that reached 9,000 actual likes.

Needless to say, Soza is killing the insta game. Here's to the next 100K followers!

Tag somebody who's going to be the next big Maltese influencer!

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