British Tabloids Speculate Malta May Be Royal Saving Grace For Princess Meghan And The Queen

Pastizzi to the rescue

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Worrying about being left alone with the in-laws is a common fear, and it's probably amplified when the in-law happens to be the Queen of England. But our tiny island may come to the rescue for Princess Meghan as both royals adore Malta.

Travelling by Royal Train (a thing) to Cheshire, this week will see Princess Meghan attend her first royal engagement without her husband, Prince Harry. Queen Elizabeth II will also be joining this trip and Hello! Magazine is convinced discussing ħobż biż-żejt will bring them closer together.


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Back in 2015 then-actress Meghan Markle had travelled to Malta to learn more about her ancestry and sample the flavours of the Maltese islands. Her great-great grandmother Mary was born here and she says there's something magical about "fitting in a piece of the puzzle".

Queen Elizabeth's love affair with Malta is also long documented, and while her old home may be a source of controversy, her connection with the island never really went away.

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'With so much bonding time at Meghan and the Queen's disposal, what will the new royal and head of the monarchy talk about?" the tabloid speculated. "It just so happens that the two important ladies in Prince Harry's life share a very special bond – they both have an affinity for the country of Malta."

What do you think they should talk about?

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