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‘I Didn’t Know I Had Three Kids’: Maltese Comedian’s Marriage Temporarily In Dire Straits After Wrong Wifey Photo Publicly Used

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A popular Maltese comedian’s public tribute to his wife nearly ended in disaster after the wrong photo was made public – though things were sorted out in the nick of time.

It all started when Daniel Chircop, one half of Maltese comedy duo Danusan, posted a beautiful tribute to his longtime wife Fiorella.

Recounting how he had first fallen in love with her during a show they had together, he wanted to celebrate 10 years of marriage and three kids with her and shared a cute photo of the pair embracing.

People were quick to praise the couple, and many celebrated the couple’s love – including one report that, unfortunately or fortunately, depending from where you’re sitting – went a step further and found another image of Chircop in an embrace… except, with an employee of his, and not his wife.

“Amazing – after 13 years they are going to make me fight with my wife because they posted a photo of mine with one of my employees,” Chircop hilariously posted online.

As divisive as it may have been between the Chircops, people couldn’t help but find the humour in the genuine mistake.

“Shame on you Daniel – Fiorella, we are here for you!” one person joked.

“Thank God you’ve got a sense of humour,” said another person.

The employee in the photo even chimed in, saying: “I had no idea I’ve been married for ten years and have three kids!”

Soon enough, the offending image was removed – and Chircop ended it all by saying that both he and Fiorella had a good laugh about it, so it seems any potential marriage crisis was averted.

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