IN PHOTOS: Alex Alden Looks Absolutely Ethereal In Photoshoot By Maltese High-Fashion Dream Team

Alexandra 'Actual Angel' Alden

Alex Luke Shoot Cover

We all know exactly what kind of magic happens when X Factor Malta judge and singer-songwriter Alex Alden links up with fashion designer Luke Azzopardi. Luke dressed Alex for all the live shows, and her outfits definitely turned a few heads.

After the first season of X Factor Malta came to an end, Luke Azzopardi teased images from a shoot featuring the dresses that Alex didn't wear

Luke had explained that the photo-series would feature "looks that didn’t make it to the X Factor Malta final nights", but definitely could not be left "hanging".

We finally have the final shots from the shoot and they are beyond gorgeous. The photos were taken by Marija Grech, in both analog and digital, and the set was put together by Andrew Borg Wirth.

Lmselection 006
Lmselection 005

"We were lucky to work at School of Arts for this project, a perfect venue to capture what we hoped this shoot was," said the team behind the shoot.

"Ultimately, the day was, for this team, an extension of the relationship Luke and Alex had already built. The point of collaborating was to showcase the fact that Malta is producing young artists with substantial content, and that theirs are cool processes, worth documenting. For this shoot the gowns were all crafted by Luke Azzopardi, with photographs taken behind Marija Grech's lens and within sets that Andrew Borg Wirth built using the beautiful artefacts that the school offers. Young Maltese Artists are emerging and producing and it's an exciting time to see what lies in store."

Lmselection 004
Lmselection 003

Alex will be performing an intimate gig at the National Library in Valletta this May

Joined by her Netherlands based band members Donatas Bielunskis (double bass) and Marien Okkerse (Cello), and limited to just 150 audience members, the trio will take us on a tour of Alexandra's musical journey to date, going back to 2013 with her debut EP, 'The Curious Child' to her most recent release, 'Wild Honey' (2018).

Screen Shot 2019 04 18 At 14 48 06
Screen Shot 2019 04 18 At 14 47 54

What do you think of the photos? We'd die to try on one of those dresses TBH

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