Maltese Actress Wins Big At International New York City Film Festival

She's worked with Lindsay Lohan and Rupert Grint in the past

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Awards and critical acclaim continue to flood in for Maltese actress Marama Corlett, with the latest title under her belt being Best Actress at the New York City Indie Film Festival. 

Marama snatched the top spot for her performance in the film Afterword

The short movie, directed by Berlin-based Boris Seewald, tackles the emotional chaos that comes after a breakup. Marama’s character is desperate to find her voice in the wake of an ended relationship, so she resorts to sharing any piece of advice she can muster. 

Her reflection on their differences strikes up an imaginary conversation.

Having worked on everything from the cult-favourite Blood Drive to the legendary Guardians of the Galaxy, Marama has had huge international success, and keeps going from strength to strength.

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