Another Record In The Bag: Local YouTuber Becomes First Maltese Person To Hit Insane Instagram Milestone

The only thing Grandayy does better than memes is breaking records

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As if being regularly name-dropped by PewDiePie and constantly hitting national YouTube records wasn't enough, Malta's favourite memester Grandayy has just gone and casually reached one million followers over on Instagram, making him Malta's most subscribed person on the site. No biggie.

On Friday, by the time Grandayy even had chance to realise he had reached a million, his follower count had already incased by 516. At the time this article is being written, he's at 1,029,844. Thats 29k followers in three days. If you have nothing to do with your day, visit this website and watch his follower count change; it's as exciting as it is downright impressive.

This isn't even Grandayy's first million; last month, the young memelord (who actually also has a medical degree) became the first Maltese person to receive a Gold Play Button from YouTube, recognising the fact that he had reached one million subscribers.

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