Netflix's Cocaine Queenpin Is 'Missing The Brazilian Summer' While In Malta

The 'Queen of the South' star is on the island to film a new season of the hit series


Alice Braga, the badass star of a popular series airing on Netflix, Queen of the South, is currently in Malta filming some more badass scenes. 

The lead star of the USA Network crime drama-thriller series portrays an ambitious drug smuggler that sees Braga become Teresa Mendoza, a double-crossed drug smuggler trying to get revenge.

In the show she's a hardened criminal - but it seems the Maltese cold is getting to her, something even murderous drug dealers in the show couldn't do.

She uploaded a cosy and covered selfie to Instagram with the caption "missing the Brazilian summer." In the selfie the actress is smiling, enduring through the cold. 

The Brazilian actress, who made her name in 2002's critically renowned City of God, is in Malta shooting Season 3 of Queen of the South. 

Her role in Queen of the South has drawn many comparisons to another hit show on Netflix, Narcos. Both revolve around the lives of cocaine kingpins - or, in her case, a queenpin.

“What is really funny is Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo Escobar in Narcos, is a dear friend of mine, we’re very close,” Braga has said. “So it’s kind of funny that I’m playing the queenpin, the female cartel leader, and he’s playing Pablo Escobar. The comparison is definitely going to exist because of the cocaine world, but the difference is the path for these characters.”

Queen of the South premiered in June, 2016, and is already filming its third season after receiving positive ratings.

Braga is visiting Malta in the middle of winter due to her filming schedule, but with the amount of episodes that she needs to film, there's hope that she might be able to return to the island in later months for a taste of the Maltese summer. 

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