Carina Causes Online Stir With Shady Comments About Young Maltese Model

She doesn't mention any names, but everyone's sure they know who she's talking about

Ben Camille's momager Carina is known to not mince her words, but that's exactly why so many people love her. Her recent comments on a young Maltese model, however, had some people saying she's gone too far (while others were simply living for the shade).  

In a short clip from Benjamin, Carina can be seen attending the annual Charles & Ron runway show in Birkirkara's piazza, one of the biggest events of the year with a veritable who's-who of models, influencers and socialites. There was one model, however, which seemed to have been singled out by Carina in the video. 

After complimenting most models (she even shouts, "Killin' it, killin' it!" at one point), Carina can be seen turning somber. "I'm holding my breath," she says, and soon after, young Maltese model Sarah Zerafa walks down the catwalk As soon as the model walks by, an actual sigh can be heard escaping Carina as she looks away.

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Right after that, the video cuts to Carina seemingly explaining herself and her reaction.

"Catwalk models abroad need to be 175 centimetres. That's all I have to say."

While she never mentions anyone's name, the clip of Sarah Zerafa walking in front of Carina and her friends plays one more time when she makes the comments.

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One last piece of shade was thrown in for good measure towards the end of the video, where Carina tells Peter Carbonaro "Uuu kemm iddejjaqni din, ejja l'hawn" as they're entering a building, pulling him away. Lovin Malta were given extra information from behind the scenes, and it seems like Sarah Zerafa was indeed in the building and visible through the doorway.

What followed was a very mixed bag of comments, and it's clear that the short clip was as polarising as they get. 

Some people were simply living for the shade...

But soon enough, a lot of people took to the comments section to tell Carina and the crew of Benjamin that this time, the comments went a little too far. 

While they were at it, some even threw shade Carina's way.

What do you think of Carina's comments? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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