Peppi Azzopardi Hilariously Outs Fellow Xarabank Personality On Ben Camille's Talk Show

Followed by some crushing over Valentina Rossi

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Ben Camille's weekly summer talk show Tnejn Tnejn has had a long list of celebrity guests over the last couple of weeks, and this week was the turn of Xarabank's Peppi Azzopardi and Mark Laurence Zammit. 

The bromance between the two flourished on camera... even if it was Camille who ended up getting smooched by Peppi (check out the third minute mark of this video if you don't believe us). But it was during a round of Kieku Kellek that Peppi hilariously ended up revealing something about Mark which seemed entirely unscripted.

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The premise behind Kieku Kellek is already face-blushing as it is; a list of Maltese celebrities is presented to Ben's guests two by two, and the guests have to choose which one they... well, prefer to get down and dirty with. Never mind the superficial nature of it all (which the host alludes to and is aware of); it's all good-natured fun which can quickly turn hilariously embarrassing considering Malta's size. 

Before kicking off this week's round of Kieku Kellek with Markhowever, Ben put out a short disclaimer as context. "So, Mark, you're single, right? And you've got your own specific ideologies," Ben started, quickly trying to explain something which seemed a tad delicate. "And he's a virgin! A virgin!" Peppi quickly interrupted. Now whether or not Mark meant to share this detail about himself later on, it seemed like Peppi's hilarious outburst caught him off guard. 

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Mark was quite a sport and carried on to explain his decision in further detail, but Peppi hit him with another zinger when Ben asked whether or not this was a conscious decision. "We tell him it's because he can't do otherwise," he said, throwing his Xarabank co-star under the bus one more time. And amazingly enough, it wasn't even the last time he'd do it in a couple of minutes.

"It was a decision I took willingly," Mark said, going on to clarify that it's not something he's entirely sure he'll carry on indefinitely. "I might just get out of the studio and meet someone I really like, and who knows?" he said. And just like that, Peppi chimed in all over again, "It won't happen, but a man can hope."

Ben Camille did his best to turn it around and say how much of a golden opportunity all the women out there have to be the first to sleep with "Mark ta' Xarabank", but Peppi quickly retaliated, "It's not cause of Mark - how many 25-year-old virgins are there out there any more?!" 

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 When Kieku Kellek finally kicked off after some good old Peppi banter (who knew he had it in him?!), Mark's choices quickly revealed something very telling about his Maltese celebrity crushes. While the first couple of choices seemed genuinely tough, the whole game seemed to instantly get different when Valentina Rossi's name was brought up. Blushing, Mark explained how he recently had a "naughty dream" about the Maltese model and radio host, and that, if pressed for an answer, he'll gladly "continue the dream and not wake up."

In fact, when paired against four other Maltese celebrities, Rossi got the upper hand each and every single time. It got to a point where Peppi himself kept interrupting the game with a quiet but audible, "Valetina" every single time a new name was brought up. Peppi threw in another jab for good measure towards the end, when Ben wondered out loud whether Rossi would be the person to beat all the competition. "This is all well and good, but you have see whether Valentina would choose him now," the Xarabank host said. 

You might've thought that was all Peppi had in store for Mark, but he somehow still had a couple of perfectly-timed jabs in him. When the young Xarabank star asked Ben whether he thought he stood a chance with these Maltese celebrities and whether he thought he was good-looking, Peppi slid in a, "Please tell him the truth. It's not fair to trick him." Oh, and when Mark apologised to the ones he didn't end up choosing, the Xarabank presenter hit him with a, "What you don't understand is that all these women are just sat at home thanking their lucky stars you didn't choose them!"

Peppi's zingers were definitely all meant in jest, but that didn't stop them from being hilarious to the audience (and probably a bit embarrassing for Mark).

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Ben promised the two that they would be calling whichever Maltese celebrity wins the Kieku Kellek, and lo and behold, Valentina did end up being the final name. The Maltese model couldn't elaborate on her reply because she happened to be a bit busy at that moment... recording our first episode of Lovin Live, actually (sorry guys!).

Watch the whole Kieku Kellek - along with all of Peppi's hilarious remarks here. In the meantime, kudos Mark for taking it all like a champ, and we wish you the very best in any potential dating endeavours!

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