WATCH: 'Benjamin' Parodies Are Already Showing Up And The Show Hasn't Event Started Yet

This is going to be a very fun couple of months

The announcement that Ben Camille is getting a reality TV show was met with thousands of discussions around the island, and while the Maltese celebrity's fans relished in the news, even the haters weighed in. Speaking of haters, memes and parodies are already showing up everywhere, and one of the first, of course, is from Daniel Dean Kingswell.

The clip parodies the leaked first episode of Cen Bamille, adding ad libs over the original Benjamin trailer.

The parody video is less than two minutes long, but has a coupe of quotable gems which will definitely be showing up in many an inside joke around the islands. 

Highlights include Ben's mother Carina complaining about her son not eating vegetables and Camille subtlety deleting his searching history before filming begins. If this is what it's going to be like whenever a new Benjamin clip is uploaded, then we can't wait for the show to kick off on TVM this October.

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As the parodies continued to rush in over the weekend, Ben was a sport and read out some mean comments, also commenting on Kingswell's video, among others.  Props for taking it like a champ!

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