QUIZ: Which Sliema Girl Are You?

Uwejja? Mela!

Comedy Knights Cover

Forget panto, Christmas time in Malta means the Comedy Knights are back!

And that means that everyone's favourite Sliema Girls Ċikka and Bex are back too! And we're here to answer the question on the tip of every Comedy Knights fan's tongue: which Sliema Girl am I?

Uwejja? Mela! Take our quiz to find out.

The Comedy Knights will be back at the Teatru Salesjani in Sliema from the 16th December til the 13th January, and tickets can be bought here.

But hurry! Tickets are selling like, really really fast ta. And you don't want to be that loser who misses out on this hilarious show. Maaaa how shy, imagine!

Comedy Knights

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