WATCH: That Insane Loop Performer That's Been All Over Your Facebook Feed Is Actually Legit Coming To Malta

Marc Rebillet is going to get you into the pool

If there's been one ray of light in the darkness that is our late capitalist 2018 society, it is the emergence of the man, the myth, the loopmaster, Marc Rebillet.

The over-the-top performer known for making absurd songs about anything and everything from pools, iPhones and Androids, and out-of-season clothing, is coming to Malta, brought over by one of the newest music promoters on the island Undercover Llama.

His beats are fire-hot - but his life performances have become legendary in just a few months

Undercover Llama, the promoters bringing Marc Rebillet to Malta, said they just couldn't miss the opportunity of having him on Maltese soil

"If you have been anywhere near any form of social media over the past couple of months, it has been impossible not to see one of Marc Rebillet's hilarious comedy-disco mash ups being shared with reckless abandon," Undercover Llama told their followers on Facebook earlier this week.

"It was only a matter of time before he made his way across the Atlantic, and we're bringing him to Malta!"

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The Loop Daddy himself has been destroying live shows all across the US and Europe, and his show at the BMX Warehouse in February is going to be a highlight of the 2019 calendar

Hurry though - tickets for the 10th February extravaganza are (predictably) selling like hotcakes!

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