'Russia's Answer To Megan Fox' Takes To The Streets Of Valletta For A Night Out

The young star took to Instagram to share her adventure with her millions of followers

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25-year-old supermodel and Vice Miss Russia 2012 Alena Shishkova has been called many things. Back in 2016, the Instagram starlet shot to online fame, with people calling her Russia's answer to Megan Fox. Now, a couple years, endless photoshoots and awards later, Shishkova arrived in Malta for what she described as a "working holiday".

The young Russian beauty took to Instagram to announce her arrival in Malta yesterday, posting a photo in front of Valletta's Hotel Phoenicia which instantly got over 65,000 views.

And while she only posted one photo from the island, Shishkova did have dozens of stories lined up on Instagram detailing her trip to Malta.

As the sun set, she took to the streets of Valletta for some proper exploration, sharing the whole thing with all her followers, which now number over 6.2 million.

Most of Alena's Instagram stories revolved around the capital city, with the Russian model taking snaps of some of her favourite scenes. The photos included the new Parliament building, Triton Square, the tranquility of Floriana at night, the view of Marsamxett Harbour... and a substantial amount of close-ups of random dogs and cats she found in the street during her evening tour.

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Most of the star's Instagram story uploads saw her step out of the spotlight and focus on those beautiful Maltese views instead

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As the sun set, the Russian model took to the streets of Valletta for some exploration

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Cat or dog person? Shishkova's uploads proved she could be a little bit of both

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All tired out: After scenic dinner and drinks and an impromptu Valletta adventure, the model took to Instagram earlier this morning for one last story

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