11 Times This Maltese Model Won The Internet

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Glamour model and social media starlet Denise Dalton boasts an impressive following on Instagram, and while her glamour shots have won the hearts of many, it's her witty posts on Facebook that really sealed the deal for us. Here are 11 times she had us thinking: give this girl a cookie.

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1. When she put all of our feelings into words

Of all the relatable content we've seen, this one takes the cake.

2. When she invented her own hashtag

#Daltoned... Living for it.

3. When she spoke for all of us who hate messenger calls

Fucking peasants indeed.

4. When she summarised a very real anxiety

Who hasn't changed their plans to avoid a phonecall?

5. When she said what we've all been thinking for months

Seriously though...

6. When she knew exactly what was in this summer

It's all about the flamingos.

7. When she shaded us on the sly


8. When she gave some solid make up tips

A true friend indeed.

9. When she represented all of us eating good food and wanting to share it with the world

'Was eating blue cheese' - iconic.

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10. When she slammed people for their shitty, unoriginal 'frapes'


11. When she took the time to appreciate those who loved her in her darkest hours

It's hard to open up about the skeletons in our closet.

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