WATCH: Davide Tucci Lashes Out Against 'Utterly Disgusting' And 'Dark' Fake Ads Using His Name And Image

The popular Maltese actor has said he's already contacted the local cyber crime unit

Malta has recently been targeted in a stream of fake news articles on Facebook, oftentimes featuring Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and a blockchain startup worth $500 million.

Pm Fake

Well, it seems the 'news portals' has moved on from the PM, and have found a new victim...

Davide Tucci.

Davide Fake

Recently, articles have been surfacing that position popular Maltese actor Davide Tucci as someone who went from bankruptcy to making millions off of a bitcoin trading platform.

A very angry Davide took to Facebook to address these fake claims. He made it very clear that he had nothing to do with the platform or bitcoin trading in general. "The allegations of bankruptcy particularly are very serious - and I intend to take this seriously by reporting the case to The Malta Police Force’s Cybercrime unit," he said, calling the use of his name and image by the scammers "utterly disgusting".

When Lovin Malta reached out to Davide Tucci, he revealed that he isn't even the first victim of these false claims

"Sadly, some of my followers already fell victims to this from what I have learnt through the messages I am receiving," Tucci told Lovin Malta. "I am appalled that Facebook makes it so easy for scammers to run these 'dark ads' - not only allowing fake news and scams to be advertised to any audience of one's liking but taking payment in allowing so without doing the necessary checks."

Davide Angry

Hosts of the 'One Breakfast' TV show have also filed a police report

Names and images from the show were used in a similar news article that claims their endorsement of the "Bitcoin Revolution".

Other fake news articles targeted at Malta often make reference to the 'One Breakfast' show, including the one that Davide is featured on.

Breakfast Fake

Have you seen any of these fake ads on your timeline?

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