WATCH: Tiffany Pisani's Journey To Malta's Miss Universe Crown

Here's what's gone down so far

Maltese model Tiffany Pisani has another win under her (probably Charles & Ron) belt as she clinched the 'Miss Universe, Malta' title last Friday. 

This means she'll be jetting off to Las Vegas in November to compete against some 90 other women for the tile of Miss Universe.

The above video summarises some of the highlights from Tiffany's journey to the top of the competition, including the much-debate question-and-answer segment. 

In this instalment Tiffany was asked if she thinks Malta's smaller budget will hinder her chances in the competition (which she dismissed, believing in the individual's merits rather than flashy budgets) and her thoughts on the recent gay marriage bill (which she wholeheartedly agreed with).

The final moments of the video also show her being announced as the winner, and being crowned by former Miss Universe Malta, Martha Fenech. Tiffany started the competition representing Ħ'Attard.

Tiffany, who is a full-time model and DJ first shot to fame after winning the title of Britain's Next Top Model back in 2010.

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