X Factor Malta Judge Alex Alden's Family Lament The Sheer Amount Of Hate Mail She's Received Since Debut

'My sister is getting threatened and abused on a scale I haven't even received in politics'

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Cover photo: Tim Alden, Simon Alden, Alex Alden

X Factor Malta may have only been around for three episodes, but it's already made all four of the judges household names.

However, one of the lesser known judges, Alex Alden, has come under intense criticism from the Maltese public following her debut - and now, her father and brother have come to her defence publicly.

The father and brother of the youngest X Factor judge have complained about the sheer amount of hate mail and threats that Alex has received since X Factor Malta's first episode, with her brother saying it's even worse than the criticism politicians are at the receiving end of.

"My daughter Alexandra is receiving a lot of hate mail lately, from people who don't even know her," Alex's father Simon said. "A fan put together this video which shows what kind of a person she really is. Lovely! Please share if you know Alex for the wonderful person she is, and send her some love!"

He wrote his message in a public Facebook post as he shared a fan-made video called "The beautiful heart of Alex Alden - Part 1" which featured clips of some of the other judges speaking positively about her, as well as some shots of key moments from the first three episodes.

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Tim Alden, Alex's brother, also complained about the hate

"For merely being a judge on the show, my sister is getting threatened and abused on a scale I haven't received in politics," he said in a post on Facebook.

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Pictured: The Alden siblings

Some people said the editing of X Factor Malta, which has already been condemned by the government, does Alden no favours, zeroing in on her most catty moments

Alden is often not in line with the other X Factor Malta judges, and has regularly been the harshest - and most honest - judge on the panel. Whereas the other judges regularly give out pity 'Yes' votes, Alden would often hold back - though she too would bend to pressure when faced with some contestants.

All of this may have carved her own niche among the X Factor fanbase... as well as generated some haters.

However, as Maltese memesters as well as online trolls gravitate towards Alden, Alex herself has joined in on the fun, and showing that she - like most of the contestants she is judging - is able to take a joke, even if it is a little bit mean.

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