Young Maltese Model Claps Back At Shady Comments By Carina

Sarah Zerafa has her say


Young model Sarah Zerafa has officially clapped back at model manager and official Lady of Shade Carina Camilleri after being criticised on reality TV Show Benjamin.

Saying that it's time to speak her mind, she says that a model manager attacking a young model on TV is unacceptable, and calls for people in the same industry not to "tear each other down".

Keeping her head up, she says that you shouldn't let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams, and ends with thanking Charles & Ron for inviting her to the show.

Sarah was invited to take part in Charles & Ron's annual B'kara runway show, but couldn't have imagined the controversy that was about to come her way.

As she walked down the runway, she crossed paths with Carina Camilleri, AKA Ben Camille's momager, official Lady of Shade and co-star of the TV show Benjamin. 

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As she greets friends and praises some models, her eyes turn to steel when blonde model Sarah Zerafa walks by.

She later says that "catwalk models abroad were 175 cm", implying that Sarah was too short to be doing catwalks.

There was a lot of flurry on social media over the not-so-subtle shade thrown at the young model, with some people saying that this is the first time they've ever agreed with Carina, and others saying it is not right for a "mature" woman to to punch down.

In reality, both women will benefit from the increased attention. Whether it is an experienced manager speaking her mind on an up and coming young model, or a young model defending herself in a tough industry, both of their careers will grow in the shade. 

Who do you think won the battle, Sarah Zerafa or Carina? Let us know in the comments below!

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