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Classic Comebacks All Maltese People Love To (Over) Use

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Maltese people’s blood typically runs quite hot. While we’re not always angry or overly eager to have a go at someone, we’re admittedly not the most relaxed, chilled out and breezy people on Earth.

When something happens to us or someone we know, we’re always ready with a list of semi-comprehendible classic insults to get our point across, typically none of which are too witty or well thought out (but that’s not really the point).

At the risk of offending, here’s our list of comebacks you’re likely to hear after pissing off any Maltese person. Enjoy!

1. F%xx *insert a random family member here*

What a classic, quick shotgun of an insult.

Whether it’s in reference to your mother, father, brother, sister or cat, it’s an abrupt sting.

More often than not, it’s an insult which slips off the tongue a little too easy and can regularly be heard resonating on the streets.

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2. Busli *insert a random body part here*

Want to finish an argument with a quick one-to and leave in a rush?

This insult has got your back. An insult which can fit into almost any situation to serve end the ‘discussion’.

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What a weapon in the Maltese citizen’s language.

If anything wrong is ever brought to our attention by a foreigner, these five words spring to mind.

Who are they to tell us not to litter, how to drive and where to throw our cigarettes?! If we want to destroy our country we can, because it’s OURS! Take your silly accent and return from whence you came.

Lasting Another Chamois Size Restricted

4. “Xxxaaaaaalllllllaaaaa Ż***i”

The longer it takes you the say, the more effect it has.

A brilliantly fun way of expressing how little you care about what the other person is telling you.

Pro tip – the number of times and the faster you repeat it are directly correspondent to the fucks you don’t give.


5. “You ĦAMALLU!”

Five stars for where you think the people who say this are likely to come from

If anything happens to a stereotypical English speaking Maltese citizen in reference to someone else insulting them in Maltese, then there’s only one way to answer this intimidating scenario.

Call them a ħamallu/a and quickly retreat to a safer place on the island.

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6. “F**x L’Ingliż tiegħek”

An ultimate trump card to be used on anyone considered to be pepe’ or simply speaking in English. And of course, when you have nothing to actually say about the topic at hand.

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What other Maltese comebacks do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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