Here's Why Every Maltese Person Needs To Wear An Ugly Jumper This Christmas

And where you can get one from...

El Balcón De Alicia Ugly Swater Party 03

Everybody knows that Christmas isn't really activated until people have got their uber-tacky jumper on. 

Don't bother try to fight it, just sit and nod at all the reasons you know you have to get one.

1. Because you're not a grinch

You're full of Christmas spirit and you should wear it on your sleeve(s).

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2. Because you know you can work it

Let's face it, if you can look sexy in a Christmas jumper, you're golden for the rest of the year.

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3. Because you will be the only one without one if you don't

And you'll be very, very lonely.


4. Because they also come in onesie format

Truth. Head to Best & Less in Mosta to get your hands on one. Or if you expedite your delivery you can still get one in time for Christmas from Amazon.

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5. Because they're fun for the whole family

That's why people have children, right? To be able to dress them up in embarrassing outfits they'll hate you for when they're older.

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6. Because your dog can also wear one

He'll hate it, but your Instagram followers will love it.

Screen Shot 2016 12 16 At 18 11 04

So don't delay, check out these stores in Malta to get your own Christmas jumper:

Adults: OVS, Kiabi, Next, George, F&F, Terranova, New Look

Kids: George, F&F, Next

Dogs: Pet Love, Jumbo Store

Have you got your Christmas jumper yet? Take a selfie wearing it and post it using #LovinMalta

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