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Sweets, Sugar And Sex: Here’s What Maltese People Told Us They’re Giving Up For Lent This Year

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Sacrifices have come to define this last year, but for those who still value tradition above everything else, last Wednesday marked the beginning of a particularly restrictive period. Having said that, beyond the obligatory social interactions and general outings, what are Maltese people planning on giving up for Lent 2021?

This week, Lovin Malta marked Ash Wednesday by asking readers if they still practice Lent, and if so, what they will be giving up this year.

And while only 37% of respondents said they’d be sacrificing anything, here’s what they told us about their plans.

A resounding number of people will be taking this opportunity to stay away from sweets and chocolate

“I’ve already started not eating sweets and the craving is already very, very real,” one pained woman said on literally the first day of Lent (eesh, good luck!).

“I’m giving up anything sweet for the full 40 days, including Sundays,” another commented. “I do it every year.”

And judging by all the replies referring to sweets, chocolate, sugar and fast food, it looks like cheat meals and decadent dishes are still Malta’s go-to sacrifices.

One person even went an extra step further and made reference to virtual sweets, saying she’ll be laying off Candy Crush this Lent.

But aside from the expected answers, there were also some steamier ones in there…

It looks like for those people who weren’t that much into giving up sweets and chocolates, there was only one true sacrifice worth making this year: sex.

One woman, not satisfied with just giving up sex, said she’s actually going to try and give up sweating – good luck with that miss. Unless you meant swearing… which, to be honest, is quite related to sweating and sex anyway?

But other answers just came out of nowhere and hit us right in the feels.

“I’m going to try to stop complaining,” one comment read, hopefully setting themselves up for a calmer 2021.

“Men,” another chimed in (girl, preach).

And beyond not spending too much money – or too much time on TikTok – others seemed intent on making 2021 their year. “No more procrastination,” one person answered.

And if that isn’t a mood after a whole year of prolonged and forced time indoors, I don’t know what is.

Are you giving up anything for Lent? Let us know in the comments below and tag someone who’s looking for some sacrificial inspiration

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