The Biggest Crochet Blanket In The World Is Currently Being Stitched Up In Malta

The blanket will eventually be big enough to cover five football fields


For the last two years, nannas all over Malta have been industrially crocheting away. Blankets of all shapes and sizes have been in production in time for Valletta 2018 to create the biggest crochet blanket for charity that Malta has ever seen. 

And now that Valletta 2018 is finally here, the blankets are close to done. With around 160 bed-sized blankets already completed, the time is approaching for the final massive blanket to be stitched up. 

The town of Leeuwarden in The Netherlands, which is also the European Capital of Culture for 2018 in conjunction with Valletta, have also been hard at work crocheting blankets, though the amount of nannas they have are probably not comparable to the Maltese ones.

Their goal is to combine the Maltese and Dutch blankets - alongside some other countries contributions - to create a master blanket that covers five soccer pitches. The hand-made woollen blanket is meant to demonstrate the power, warmth, diversity, connection and more colourful side of our society, as well as promote unity amongst different country and people.

The organisers are also hoping for the blanket to be included in the Guinness Book of Records. 

After the event is over in The Netherlands, the blankets will be sent back to their origin and be distributed amongst charitable institutions. In Malta, the blankets will be distributed to several institutions that cater for the homeless, elderly, and children. 

Members of the Malta Lace Club, The Malta Cross Stitch Club, The Malta Society of Arts and other individuals took part for the Maltese side. 

Before the blankets are sent to Leeuwarden, they will be displayed in Pjazza San Ġorġ in Valletta for the general public to view on the 17th February 2018. Some of the blankets will be exhibited at the Malta Society of Arts in Valletta from the 9th to the 16th February 2018, and also at the HSBC in Valletta from the 19th to the 28th February 2018.

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Johnathan Cilia

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