This Adorable Addition To A Maltese School Can Help With Children's Concentration Levels

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A pilot project which initially kicked off in Gżira's Primary School two years ago has finally started producing adorable results. The school, which sits in the middle of numerous construction sites in one of Malta's most urban towns, is the first to introduce the concept of vertical gardening.  

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Walls in the yard were converted into vertical gardens, and even a couple of classrooms were given the green treatment by planting all sorts of plants all around the whiteboards. The result doesn't just look awesome; it's also meant to be extremely helpful with increasing children's concentration levels.

"Plants absorb noise levels," Gżira mayor Conrad Borg Manché explained. "Less noise will help children concentrate much more." Considering vertical gardens like this act as natural soundproofed walls in a busy town like Gżira, this idea can really go a long way. And it's not just about noise levels either. "Plants also give out warm oxygen which children need while concentrating," Borg Manché continued.

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Noel Farrugia, the Chairman of Green Isles Projects who coordinated this new project, said that bringing vertical gardening to towns like Gżira can go a long way and encourage students to not only participate in agricultural events, but also take up a career in the sector. 

The pilot project was carried out in collaboration with the Foundation For Tomorrow's Schools, the Gżira Local Council and Italian engineers, with a lot of support from Evarist Bartolo, the Minister of Education and Employment. The entire process took some four years of planning, and has already received a great deal of positive feedback. 

Talks are already in place to adopt similar initiatives in different schools around Malta.

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