WATCH: Hugo Chetcuti Makes Sizeable Donation To Ursuline Sisters' Creche

He's cooling down their summer

Nightclub mogul Hugo Chetcuti has taken the decision to give back to the community with a sizeable donation to the Ursuline Sisters' Creche in Sliema.

 Following a visit to their premises Hugo says he was impressed with the quality of the care they provide to children in need, but wanted to do more to help them.

"The children here are living just like my grandchildren are. I'm very impressed with the work I see here."

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The nuns who work at the creche described Hugo as a "gentle person" who is always asking how he can help out or better the lives of the children who live there.

The next project he is funding comes just in time for summer as he pays for an extension to the pool they have on-site, as well as the addition of more umbrellas around the pool to ensure the children's safety comes first.

Finally the kids will also be relieved from the summer's unforgiving heat with ACs being installed in all the children's bedrooms, as well as their playrooms.

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"I really want to say thanks to the sisters for all the good work they do," Hugo concluded at the end of his tour. "And of course I also want to thank  all the people that are helping them."

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