WATCH: Large Crowd Gathers For Nas Daily Event In Valletta

They're trying to make 'Oh My Malta' happen

A large crowd has gathered in Valletta for an event organised by international vlogging star Nas Daily. Nas, who was meant to spend just under a week on the island, has extended his stay after a whirlwind time in Malta.

Following a video where he "accidentally" created the catchy slogan 'Oh My Malta', Nas found huge support from locals who loved his fast-paced videos featuring the Maltese Islands. Setting his sights even higher, the vlogger met with the president, as well as the Malta Tourism Authority to try get 'Oh My Malta' to become the island's official slogan. And today's event was meant to promote that even further.

This same slogan also reached new levels of infamy after cartoonist Burlo used it in a shocking piece that went viral earlier this week. 

It is currently not known if Nas' team achieved the thousands-strong crowd they were hoping for, but the event stated: "I'm looking to have 1% of the country show up. Thousands of people. It's a great family fun time and we'll make sure it's worth your time!"

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