POLL: One Month To Go Till Valentine's Day – How Do You Feel About The Day Of Love?

Let's get Malta's official take on it


There's exactly one month to till we get to celebrate life's sweetest, or most destructively painful, state of being – love.

Valentine's Day comes but once a year, and many people look at it as a solitary reminder of the joy that people are able to bring each through romantic love. For others once a year is way more than enough...

Where do you stand? Take our poll to let us know.

Before you go...

Whatever you think of Valentine's Day, we think you should do something that's a little bit different this year.

Lovin Malta has teamed up with Corinthia Hotels to make Valentine's Day about something else. We've launched the #CorinthiaValentinesChallenge, where we're asking readers to share with us a moment of kindness between them and absolutely anyone else. You can read more about how to take part right here

This isn't about romantic love – it's about showing someone who needs it, and least expects it, a bit of kindness.  

Share with your friends and help us find out how Malta really feels about Valentine's Day!

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