11 Plants All Maltese Offices Need For An Instant Makeover

Give your office the green facelift it needs

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Maltese offices (not to mention our roads) could really do with a little bit more greenery. Plants come with a lot of amazing benefits; they purify the air, they help in fighting off respiratory illnesses and they’re not as distracting as your coworkers.

Here are 11 plants which would make a great addition to your office space.

1. Bromeliads

They may take a long time to bloom, but they’re an inside favourite since no fertiliser is required for them. This eye-catcher will make a beautiful addition to your office space.

2. Pothos

These plants are quite easy to grow indoors. They don’t need much watering and are an all-rounder when it comes to low-maintenance. They grow quickly as far as plants go and give an instant boost to the environment.

3. Aloe Plant

Apart from a bunch of healing properties, this plant is also kick-ass when it comes to purifying the air. The Aloe plant will also tell you when the air in your office is riddled with chemicals — the leaves will literally start turning brown.

4. Spider Plant

Your ma’s favourite plant is literally on NASA’s best-air-purifying-plants list! It fights pollutants and absorbs carbon monoxide like a champ. No wonder it's a staple in every Maltese household.

5. Rubber Tree

This beaut has double brownie points for its amazing functions. It’s extremely low maintenance, it’s one of the stronger air purifying plants and it’s also one of the easiest plants to grow. And, it can grow in shady areas too!

6. ZZ Plant

Don't let the cute name fool you - this indestructible plant actually thrives in low light conditions and air-conditioned spaces. It does not care about your fluorescent light. No seriously, it doesn’t.

7. Areca Palm

The great thing about the Areca Palm is its dislike of the sun. Beside, it gives an instant facelift to your office space, no matter how boring it is.

8. Basil

Mosquitos and flies hate this plant with a passion.

It has been used for its pest-controlling powers since time immemorial, and as an added bonus, you can totally add the tasty leaves to your #worklunchsalad. You're welcome.

9. Chinese Evergreen

This power plant requires very little maintenance and is a legend at removing toxins. It’s a hardy beauty and it does well in low light and humid conditions - perfect for any centrepiece in the communal corridor.

10. Lavender

This lovely-smelling plant keeps away those annoying tiny flies and even the occasional mosquito. Those gorgeous tiny purple flowers pack a punch, and their strong smell might not be favoured by everyone in your office; so shop wisely.

11. Cacti

This militant survivor thrives on neglect, and we don’t mean throwing it at your co-workers or anything. The cactus can go for an impressive amount of time without any water, perfect for the office workaholic.

Do you have any of these plants in your office? Leave us a comment below and tag someone who shares your workspace!

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Chiara Micallef