Maltese Bees Are Starving: Local NGO Raises Concern As Proposals Rejected By Government

'The government needs to provide more than just minor subsidies'

Lovin Malta Bees Are Starving

A small group of environmentalists have recently started dedicating their time to saving the local honeybee communities in Malta. Unfortunately, their work has also led them to unearth some terrible truths.

With president Anthony Spiteri at the helm, Bee Savers Malta is a small four-person team trying to preserve Malta's bee population by relocating urban-found swarms to the wild, where they can freely pollinate and reproduce.

Recently, Anthony Spiteri told Malta Today that local bees may be having problems foraging and producing honey. It's likely that a lack of green areas and foliage could be the reason the bees are struggling, with Spiteri warning that "it seems that the only green spaces we have are roundabouts".

The bees have apparently stopped producing good-quality honey, which is a strong indicator that they aren't finding enough pollen and nectar in the wild, and are therefore starving

Bee Hive

Why is this an issue?

As reported by Spiteri, bees pollinate a third of the crops grown, which means that human existence will most likely suffer or even come to an end if bees were to go extinct.

This is exactly why Bee Savers Malta work hard to save as many colonies as they can.

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Simon Zammit