Eurovision Semi-Finals, Night One: Here's Who Malta Could Be Facing This Saturday

17 became 10, and these are the countries that survived Eurovision's first round of eliminations for 2019

Lovin Malta Eurovision Semi Finals

It's finally kicked off! Eurovision's first round of semi-finals has just come to an end, and with it the hopes of gold for seven different countries. With the second round of semi-finals slated for Thursday (that's when Malta's Michela will take the stage), 10 out of 17 countries made it through to Saturday's Grand Final.

Beyond the 'Big Five' (and this year's hosts Israel), here's who Michela is going to be up against if she makes it through Thursday's test.

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The night started off with 17 countries, but only 10 made it through

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Screenshot 2019 05 14 At 22 59 21
Screenshot 2019 05 14 At 23 03 53

1. Greece

2. Belarus

3. Serbia

4. Cyprus

5. Estonia

6. Czech Republic

7. Australia

8. Iceland

9. San Marino

10. Slovenia

Screenshot 2019 05 14 At 23 09 34

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