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WATCH: Malta Suffers Eurovision Blow As ‘Technical Issues’ Force Change Of Performance

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With only a few days to go until the Eurovision Song Contest, Malta has been forced to change the staging of its song following technical issues.

A spokesperson for the Maltese delegation said that technical issues had arisen during Michela Pace’s first rehearsal and couldn’t be fixed in time. Michela’s second rehearsal yesterday was therefore viewed as her first rehearsal, with lots of work still to be done in terms of camera angle and lighting.

“Unfortunately, we had to shift to a Plan B to adapt to a different staging,” the spokesperson told a press conference in Tel Aviv. “We’re obviously keeping the concept there, and we’re working hard so that the production team and technical team here in Tel Aviv will translate the imagery, camera shots and camera angles at the right time in the right way.”

“So that we are still working hard to explain exactly what we require and what we had planned from day 1. We are giving them a bit more time. This was like a first rehearsal for us but we were forced to go that way because the technical problems we had weren’t solved.”

“Unfortunately, we as a delegation do not have full control over the technical environment, over certain production issues, so to give time for these issues to be solved. But since they weren’t solved in time, we had to do the adaptation and changes and we had our first rehearsal with them today.”

“We are not happy with the camera shots, basically, so we’re quite happy with the song, but we need to still [make] corrections to the lighting which were not done and the angles and cuts from the camera. So hopefully by the next rehearsal, it will be all done and correct.”

Michela will represent Malta with the song ‘Chameleon’, taking part in the second semi-final on Thursday and hopefully also in the grand final on Saturday.

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