WATCH: Michela Pace Graces Eurovison Stage With Her Vocals For The First Time For First Rehearsal

We're only a few days away from the real thing!

Our Gozitan superstar Michela Pace has landed in Tel Aviv and just had her first go at performing Chameleon on the Eurovision stage. Together with her team of dancers, she took to the stage for their first rehearsal before the semi-final on May 16th.

Michela First Reh

As her dancers threw some iconic shapes following the legendary Ambra Succi's choreography, Michela reminded us just what a star she is

With her signature belt and raspy voice filling the empty auditorium. This wasn't the first time that Michela sang Chameleon live, but it was our first look at what her performance next Thursday is going to look like.

And they didn't hold back.

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Screenshot 2019 05 07 At 11 59 37
Screenshot 2019 05 07 At 12 04 40

Surrounded by massive LED screens and relying on some intricate AF camera work, the live performance of Chameleon certainly lives up to the visually impactful music video. But the style and aesthetic for the performance is pretty different to the video.

Bright neon colours and colour block outfits dominate the stage, and Michela and her dancers definitely look like they're having a blast.

Michela landed in Tel Aviv yesterday morning

And was the second act to get on stage during today's rehearsal, after the first half of Day Two semi-finalists rehearsed yesterday. On the 16th, Michela will be the 11th act to perform, taking the slot right after Croatia's Roko.

Before the first rehearsal, each country gets instructions on safety, the dressing room area is presented, and they get an In-Ear Monitoring Rehearsal backstage. After the first rehearsal, each act goes to the Viewing Room, to watch the recording of their rehearsal. Here any changes on visuals, camera work, choreography and so on are discussed.

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