Check Out The Best Looks From Malta Fashion Week 2017

The hottest trends both on and off the catwalk

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Malta Fashion Week 2017 has come and gone, leaving us all with a palpable desire to upgrade our wardrobes asap. This year's catwalks were dominated by awesome prints, bold colours and exciting structured pieces. Off the catwalk, fashionistas dished up loads of superb Instagram moments. 

Here's a few highlights of this year's event both on and off the catwalk. 

1. Full print jacket

2. Pocket porn

3. Gallarija glamour

4. Bridal perfection

5. Glorious red

6. Denim dream

7. All kinds of stripes

8. Serious shades

9. Backpack envy

10. Stunning swimwear

11. Poker-straight ponies

12. Tangerine tango

13. Flawless make-up victory

14. Jugular jewellery 

15. Print perfect

16. Lip service

17. Fortified fashion

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