7 Cute Bikinis All Maltese Women Need This Summer

Get ready to be crowned queen of the beach

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We've already had a taste of the Maltese summer heat, and we're all panic-dieting to achieve the summer body we thought we'd totally have by now. But before total desperation and hysteria hit we should all distract ourselves with the amazing swimwear opportunities out there just waiting to be grabbed.

Here's a few epic pieces you're going to want to snatch up quickly. 

1. Classy cut-away – Zara

If you want to look like you've just walked off a 50-foot yacht in Monaco, then head to Zara to have a look at their chic AF cut-away one-pieces. 

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2. Pattern perfection – Peacocks

If you're more about making a statement with bold patterns and super fashionable swimwear trends, Peacocks have what you need. And it won't break the bikini bank!

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3. Luxury local – Carla Grima Atelier

Summer comes but once a year, so you deserve so splurge on an amazing, head-turning swimsuit. Go all out on this super unique and eye-catching creation from local designer Carla Grima. #HotAF

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4. Metallic magic - Yamamay

If there's one thing festival season has taught us it's that metallic bikinis are totally a thing we want happening on Maltese beaches. Head down to Yamamay to grab yours. 

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5. Bombshell bling – Boohoo

If you just want to wow the beach with your insanely fit summer bod – Boohoo has got what you need. Also: sequins. 

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6. Sexy chic – Matalan

These super affordable yet mega-sophisticated one-pieces are perfect for anyone who's going for a minimalist beach look. 

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7. Fun & fabulous – Pull & Bear

Whether its bombshell ombre or pretty pastel, Pull & Bear's selection of one-pieces are absolutely everything.

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Seen anything you like? Tag a friend who needs to join you on your impending bikini-binge shopping spree!

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