Did Malta's Most Fashion-Forward Wedding Go Down This Weekend?

The accessories were everything

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If you're getting married soon and you were thinking of organising a fashion extravaganza, then listen up and start taking down some notes. A beautiful wedding went down in Gozo, and it looked as stylish as they come.

The young couple, Philip and Roberta, pulled out all the stops for the big day, and it definitely helped that they're very good friends with Luke Azzopardi, currently one of Malta's top fashion designers. 

As the designer explained, the bride's dress was created "using 36 metres of soft translucent layers in pure silk organza and veiling weight tulle. It's corseted base was sculpted out of the highest quality shell pink silk duchesse satin and embellished using two kinds of corded and beaded Chantilly lace, cut up and re-pasted to create a superimposition of lace over lace. The elements that are usually only visible on an underskirt, such as crinoline strips & horse hair boning, were brought out to the exterior layers of the dress to finish off this deconstructed take on a medieval ballgown."

Oh, and Roberta also casually had a crown and earrings by Dolce & Gabbana. The result? Slaying to the maximum degree.

And while a bride's dress is always the highlight of every wedding, Philip's suit was a perfect pairing with those floral details. The entire thing was hand embroided by Sarah Micallef.

While the dashing couple were the definite highlight of the day, the bridesmaids also managed to look show-stopping, thanks again to Luke Azzopardi. The collaborations didn't end there, though; designer Saz Mifsud also visited Azzopardi's designer to help out with the flower girls, seeing as her boyfriend Mike also happened to be Philip's witness.

"All the prints were brought to Malta exclusively for this wedding by Camilleri Paris Mode," Luke Azzopardi explained, going on to say that this was "one huge collaboration" he was very proud to be a part of both as a designer and a close friend to the couple.

Of course, the designer himself wasn't going to show up in any suit; Azzopardi rocked a mix of Gucci, Alexander McQueen, a few custom piece of his own design. Because the man behind all those stylish dresses had to rock up with a green embossed silk brocade suit.

The guests must've realized that they were a part of something extremely special, because snaps from the wedding showed up all over many people's newsfeeds. 

And in between a fabulous fireworks display and the magical lights setup at Ta' Ċenċ, the whole thing looked absolutely amazing.

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Photos by Kris Micallef

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