9 Fashion Mistakes Maltese People Make

And they're so easily avoidable...

Fashion Over It

Fashion is something which is close to heart to many Maltese people... very close - skin tight even. That's why when Maltese people get it wrong, they get it so wrong.

1. Wearing one colour in different shades

Devil Wears Prada

17 types of purple from head to toe don't 'match' Sarah.

2. Saggy pants


Dude - it's not 2005 anymore, and no one wants to see your uomo underwear. Keep them in your jeans.

3. Clothes that don’t fit


Everyone loves muffins. Nobody loves extra servings of muffin tops. Simple!

4. Too much bling

Too Much Fashion

Accessories are never a bad thing, unless you wear your gold hoop earrings, your chain necklace, and everything else you got for your magħmudija. Surprisingly, the late-90s rapper vibe isn't working for you.

5. Wearing all the animal prints

Bambi 2

There's a fine line between prints that work, and those that don't... but trust us when we say having five different types of animals on your body is never gonna work.

6. Fake designer handbags


Girl... we all know. Just buy a nice, affordable and unbranded bag rather than running around with that Fucci.

7. Socks and sandals


Generally the culprits for this crime are British/German tourists, or old stoop-sitting nanniet. The latter are of course forgiven provided they have a bird cage under their arms.

8. Selecting the wrong undies

But Why

It’s always refreshing to see a pair of red underpants under your favourite white dress.

9. All the bright colours

My Eyes

Thanks for blinding us all with your upsetting display of the most flamboyant colours all in one outfit.

Bonus: An undershirt should be under your clothes


There’s a difference between a tank top and an undershirt… the latter should only be worn as part of an outfit when it's time for bed.

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